Our most popular swim program is called, “Survival Swim” and the name was chosen carefully, not simply as a fancy alternative to “baby swim class.”Our survival swim program is specially designed to teach a more comprehensive and critical set of water skills than mainstream infant swimming lessons, in a one-on-one setting that emphasizes effective instruction.  Read More

An important additional benefit of survival swim is one that many parents are not aware of when considering baby swim classes: early swim can make your infant smarter and more capable outside of the pool. The results of the Griffith Institute Early Years Swimming study are encouraging for any parents who want to give their  Read More

A swimming baby is a safer baby, this is the mantra we work by at Texas Swim Academy. It’s not just common sense, or a marketing line – some very important numbers back up this statement. The most important recent swim safety study is from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, who  Read More