Our most popular swim program is called, “Survival Swim” and the name was chosen carefully, not simply as a fancy alternative to “baby swim class.”Our survival swim program is specially designed to teach a more comprehensive and critical set of water skills than mainstream infant swimming lessons, in a one-on-one setting that emphasizes effective instruction.

Safety in and around the water is our number one concern for your child, and the first order of business in survival swim is to teach your baby basic survival skills in the water. Initially, the goal of survival swim is to teach comfort in the water and remove the innate fear of the water that many babies have. Instruction is gentle and encouraging, working toward a level of trust that allows us to explore new skills together.

The most important initial skill we teach is the roll-back-to-float. Babies as young as 6-9 months can successfully learn to quickly roll onto their back and float indefinitely; in an accident, this skill can be used to float until help arrives.

Mainstream baby swim classes often jump ahead without building a foundation of trust in the water and critical survival skills. These classes also do not offer the one-on-one instruction that so successfully focuses the child’s attention and learning, to ensure that lessons learned stay with the infant for years afterward. When you consider the safety statistics that show how swim instruction reduces the danger of drowning for children, we believe our survival swim techniques provide a survival advantage in the water that exceeds what mainstream infant swimming lessons can offer.

If you want to learn more about survival swim and the survival skills we teach that are additional to those in mainstream infant swimming lessons, get in touch with us – we would love to hear from you.