A swimming baby is a safer baby, this is the mantra we work by at Texas Swim Academy. It’s not just common sense, or a marketing line – some very important numbers back up this statement.

The most important recent swim safety study is from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, who in 2009 discovered that children who have been enrolled in swim classes were far less likely to suffer a drowning accident. These results held true for both the age 1-4 group as well as the age 5-19 group, demonstrating that the lessons learned in early swim can be put to good use throughout childhood and early adulthood.

The additional benefits that baby swim classes provide also make your baby safer. We have detailed in other blogs how survival swim help boost cognitive, physical and social development. A baby with enhanced cognitive skills or greater physical development can avoid trouble in the water, or problem solve a way out of it (especially if they have been instructed in survival swim survival skills). For a baby that falls into the water accidentally a few extra seconds earned from knowing basic swim survival techniques, including roll-back-to-float, can make all the difference in creating a positive outcome.

The takeaway here is to seriously consider survival swim or mommy and me swim classes for your baby; these programs teach important water comfort and survival skills that your child keeps with them for the rest of their life.

We have many more water safety tips for you and your children and now is the time to review them, just before the weather warms up and the busy summer swim season arrives. For guidance on water safety this spring, check out our post on March safety tips for your baby and kids!