An important additional benefit of survival swim is one that many parents are not aware of when considering baby swim classes: early swim can make your infant smarter and more capable outside of the pool.

The results of the Griffith Institute Early Years Swimming study are encouraging for any parents who want to give their baby a leg up in their development. Celebrated as “the world’s most comprehensive study on kids and swimming,” this study revealed that babies in swim classes demonstrated accelerated development of:

  • Visual-motor skills
  • Verbal skills and ability recognizing numbers and letters
  • Cognitive skills, including memorization, focus and problem solving

Why are these skills so important? Because they are not just helpful during time spent in the water – infants take these skills with them outside the pool, where they use them to excel in pre-school and school, social situations, and more. If your baby can swim, chances are your baby is smarter and more capable out of the water also.

Beyond the study results, at Texas Swim Academy we notice first hand these benefits and the improved cognitive development of our students. Babies learning to swim take to general learning just as quickly as they do the water, with noticeable results in their ability to concentrate, respond to instruction, interact socially, and more. The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming that baby swim classes are beneficial far beyond pool safety issues, and our parents all have stories about the improvements they have noticed in their children and the positive change in their lives.

At Texas Swim Academy we enjoy working with your children, teaching them to be safer and more comfortable in the water, and encouraging them to explore and play. It is a happy coincidence that baby swim lessons are so good for their growing minds as well!