Why do I love that I get to teach survival swim skills to kids? To put it simply, it is because I am investing in the future. I am investing not only in my community and the world around me, but I am investing in the lives of numerous individual children. I make a difference  Read More

In short, Yes. There is a measurable chlorine in salt water pools. The misconception lies in the way that the chlorine gets into the water, but there is still going to be chlorine present and it will need to be regulated just as in a traditionally sanitized pool. Before you change your mind about using  Read More

pH balancing is commonly thought of as a way to minimize skin irritation and while that is one of the reasons you don’t want to swim in a misbalance body of water, it is not the real reason pool operators are concerned with pH. Chlorine activation levels are tied to the pH level of your  Read More