The Survival Swim Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children as young as 6 months old the survival swimming skills necessary for a lifetime of water enjoyment. Our network of passionate individuals teaches our Swim Float Survive℠ program through a gentle, child-centered approach that balances confidence with skill, fostering a love for swimming while developing lifelong critical thinking skills and stimulating cross motor skills.

Our History

The Survival Swim Development Network was founded in May of 2016 out of a desire for a greater focus on a gentle, child-centered approach within survival swim instruction. Kathleen McMordie, Nadyne Siegel-Brown, and Cindy Clark were the founding members that were responsible for the initial design and development of the organization. A key element of the organization’s design was creating a Non-Profit entity so that all members, current, and future, could rise together and mutually benefit from the efforts and sacrifices of the group. As of 2021, the SSDN continues to be the only survival swim organization that is Non-Profit.

Instructor Trainers within the SSDN have over 100 years of experience collectively. Our Instructor Trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, many previously holding certifications in other survival swim organizations before embarking on this journey to balance skill progression with patience and nurture. 

The framework of shared opportunity and resources that our founders created continues to guide our members to be a network of people that mutually support and benefit each other.  Our collective knowledge, aquatic experience, and business experience offer each of us the opportunity to have a brighter future than we might have on our own.

Our Mission

To train and mentor Survival Swim Instructors. Use a gentle and child-centered approach. Impact our communities through drowning prevention and education. 

How Does the Survival Swim Development Network Work?

Becoming a part of the SSDN allows driven and energetic individuals to start their own business as survival swim instructors, allowing you to determine how you’d like your business model to look. You can start a program in a backyard pool or rented space as a single instructor, or you can eventually hire employees and grow your business to the point that you own your own facility or anything in between. When it comes to how you decide to design and grow your own business, the possibilities are endless!

Contact Us Today

Our network of highly skilled, well-trained, and certified instructors work together with a common goal — saving lives. Contact us today to learn more about joining the Survival Swim Development Network and making a difference in the lives of children by helping them discover the joy of swimming.