A child is never too young to learn to swim. Teaching an infant or toddler how to maneuver in the water with confidence can save their life during an accident. Most children do not learn how to swim until they are at least four years old, but by this time, many are not confident with their abilities to swim. Thousands of children die each year in drowning accidents, and thousands more sustain permanent brain damage.

If all infants were enrolled in an Survival Swim course, imagine the lives that could be saved. Survival Swim in Cypress, Katy and Houston areas through Texas Swim Academy is a unique program that will equip your child with the tools that they need to be confident swimmers at a very young age. The field of infant and toddler swim instruction requires teachers that are very knowledgeable and dedicated. Your child will achieve excellence in the pool right before your eyes.

If you are not familiar with Survival Swim, it can be an intimidating concept. It is important to trust the instructors, and remember: they care about seeing your child succeed. Here is a brief overview of how Survival Swim works:

Introduction to the Water

Experts agree that there is a small window during infancy that is the prime time to begin learning to float and swim. In fact, babies do have some reflexes that children and adults do not. Most of the time, these reflexes are responsible for preventing an infant from swallowing water and also allowing them to keep their eyes open when they are fully submerged. Since infants have more air between their cells, they are more buoyant and capable of floating. So naturally, being fresh out of the womb does give infants a home-field advantage in the water—it is a familiar place.

During Survival Swim at Texas Swim Academy, your child will be introduced to the pool gently by their highly experienced instructor. Once they are comfortable, they will advance to the next phase.

Building Trust in the Water

One of the main goals of Survival Swim is to build an infant or toddler’s confidence in the water. To do that, they must put trust in their instructor as well as their own body. Going through the lesson process encourages these relationships between the instructor, the child, and the water to be developed. They quickly achieve new levels of comfort and ability.

Skills to Survive

Once your child is confident in their own abilities in the water, they will fine-tune the natural reflexes that help them to survive in emergencies, as well as learn new skills. Infants and toddlers who go through Survival Swim at Texas Swim Academy learn to roll onto their backs and float in the water. Depending on their age, they will start to learn the process of swimming in weeks not years.

Enroll in Survival Swim

If you are interested in learning more about our Survival Swim program, visit our find an instructor page.