Tom Brady

The answer is no, you would not drown. I have seen this tag line circulating around Social Media in the weeks leading up to the 2018 Super Bowl and want to correct the semantics of the statement.

Although Tom Brady does ingest an absurd amount of liquid, doing the same would not drown you. It would most likely give you a host of adverse side effects, an electrolyte imbalance being the first that comes to mind.

Drowning is caused when water enters your lungs which is only possible in very extreme and deadly circumstances. Your epiglottis will prevent you from drowning while you drink your 28th glass of water on the Tom Brady hydration challenge (from his book titled “The TB 12 Method”).

Don’t worry about drowning, instead worry about how many salt dipped bananas you may need to eat to maintain your electrolyte balance or where the nearest restroom is because Lord knows how many times a day you will need to relieve yourself.

I urge you to stop using the term “drown” as a buzz word. This leads to mis-information about a deadly medical condition and there are already too many false facts floating around the term to be adding another to the mix.

By: Will McMordie, Texas Swim Academy