Summer is just around the corner, and it’s the prime time to register your children for swim lessons. We encourage our parents to get involved with their children’s swim lessons in order to provide positive reinforcement and to help with the commitment of attending classes several days a week. When you are considering swim lessons for your family, there are a few questions that may come up that we’d like to help address.

What should parents consider with their swim lesson facility?

Safety: The first and foremost criterion for a swim lesson facility is safety. Is the environment equipped with the standard safety equipment such as CPR stations or a live saver float? Are the other children in the facility exhibiting safe standards like walking instead of running or refraining from splashing? Ensure that pool rules are posted and enforced, the facility demonstrates safety procedures and that the staff enforce safety protocol.

Staff: Check the qualifications of the staff instructing your children. Make sure they are certified professionals and get in the water with the children. Do they make the kids feel comfortable? Do they stress safety, while making it fun? A great swim instructor is the best way to get children who are afraid of water shaped into great little swimmers. The teacher makes all the difference.

Personalization: Every child is different and requires different teaching skills. Does the swim facility offer a standard, one-size-fits-all approach, or do they offer personalized programs to help every child’s unique learning style?

How many lessons will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Every child learns at a different pace. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We recommend children enroll in a repetition-based program to instill the skills they’re trying to learn. Each child will progress differently, and it’s up to the swim lesson facility to create a program that matches the need of your child. With personal attention and a nurturing environment, your child will get better on his or her own pace.

Why are swim lessons full of games and play instead of drills?

Children learn very differently from adults. By incorporating play, we can teach water safety and swimming skills without children even realizing they’re learning. By making swim lessons fun, we help children overcome any fear of the water and make swim lessons something fun to attend. Every game that is played has a skill level incorporated to increase proficiency.

At Texas Swim Academy, we’re passionate in providing swim lessons and stroke development classes for children ages 6 months in our survival swim program and up. Swimming is a life-saving and fun skill that every child needs. It’s important for parents to have a realistic expectation for their children and to not compare their children to others in the class. By attending a swim academy that offers personalized attention, your child can be given the proper instruction to give them the gift of a lifetime.

For more information on Texas Swim Academy swim lessons, visit our programs page.

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Texas Swim Academy is an infant, child and adult swim lesson facility. The academy strives to introduce children to water at an early age through  survival swim, and to fully develop their swim stroke abilities through adulthood through  stroke development. Children are taught life saving swim safety skills and have the option to prepare for competitive swim team. Texas Swim Academy also offers  parent-child classes to grow the bond between parent and child and to provide a seamless, comfortable introduction to water for children. To learn more about Texas Swim Academy’s swim lessons, infanct aquatics and other  programs, please call (832) 437-6186.

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