Our Survival Swim program is not a fancy name to describe your typical “baby swim lesson”. Our Survival Swim program provides a more comprehensive and critical set of water skills than a typical baby swim program would.

Since safety is our number one priority, we believe that learning basic survival skills in the water should be the foundation of any introductory swim program. The first step in the Survival Swim program is introducing infants to the water to remove the innate fear that many babies have. Instruction is very calm and patient so that infants can develop a level of trust and explore new skills.

The most important skill that is learned in this program is the roll-back-to-float method that can be learned by babies as young as 6-9 months! Infants will successfully learn how to roll onto their back, float, and take a breath. In the event that the child falls into the water, this special skill allows them to stay afloat until help arrives. It’s very amazing to watch infants and young children go from being totally helpless to being confident and capable in the water in just a few weeks with what they learn in an Survival Swim program. In addition, the self-confidence and independence they build in this program better equips them to succeed in more advanced swimming programs later on.

Mainstream baby swim lessons concentrate on being comfortable around an aquatic environment and often skip the foundation necessary to learn essential survival skills. In addition, many of these programs do not offer one-on-one instruction. Since every child learns at a different pace, the lack of one-on-one instruction could delay a child from properly learning how to swim for months to even years. Special one-on-one instruction drastically makes lessons more effective for the child, ensuring that each skill learned stays for years afterward.

For more information on the Survival Swim program at Texas Swim Academy, please visit our program page or contact us for more information.