“When I realized that I could pair together two of my greatest joys in life, children, and water, I knew I had found my career. I’ve often reflected on how grateful I am to have found something that I truly love and am deeply passionate about so early in my life. This is genuinely a calling for me.  Knowing I am making a difference in my community is something that gets me up every morning,  all while giving me and my family flexibility and freedom.   I started out teaching in backyard pools, then rented hotel pools, then rented fitness center pools and as of 2021, we now have our very own brick-and-mortar swim school with 35 employees. The greatest opportunity that the SSDN provides is the ability to grow your business your own way; small and simple or large and elaborate.  Either way, you will be saving children’s lives and making your community a better place.”

Megan B.

Oklahoma City, OK