“I became a Survival Swim Instructor because it’s what I was called to do. The water is one of my favorite places to be. I was taught from a very early age how to respect, be safe, and love the water. I want everyone to be taught the same. I also have a son with autism and children with autism are drawn to water. It’s shiny, calm, and quiet under the water. Children with ASD are drawn to that, making them more susceptible to drowning at any age. I want to keep him and as many children with ASD from that fate. Not too many places can help children with special needs with swimming or they hike up the price. I want to help those families. 

Being a Survival Swim Specialist has afforded me the freedom to teach around my son’s therapies, and create the schedule I want. It has given my family more financial freedom and it shows my own children that if you work hard and passionately enough, you can accomplish your dreams, do big things, and make a difference in the world. As of 2021, 39 children have successfully passed their Survival Test. I have had 5 parents come to me with stories of their children falling into the water (one in a creek) and using their survival swim knowledge and they saved themselves. It is truly the most challenging and rewarding gig I have ever had. 

My father always told me to find something I love and build a career around it so I won’t feel like I’m working. So I did. I don’t work. I play. I am so incredibly blessed to wake up in the morning and spend my day teaching children to confidently trust themselves, help build their character, and most importantly, save themselves if they were to find themselves in the water alone. That’s a pretty great way to wake up every day.”

Heidi W.

Little Rock, AR