The simplest advice for getting your child to love the water is, “start young!” That includes aquatic survival lessons for infants as young as 6 months old (we’ve discussed in-depth the benefits of early swim in the past). Love for the water starts at home and there are several ways […]

Many parents and caregivers are amazed by our baby swimming videos of infants as young as six months old successfully practicing advanced water survival techniques, rolling over, floating and even swimming underwater. We’d like to take all the credit, but it turns out babies are programmed by instinct with two very […]

Our most popular swim program is called, “Survival Swim” and the name was chosen carefully, not simply as a fancy alternative to “baby swim class.”Our survival swim program is specially designed to teach a more comprehensive and critical set of water skills than mainstream infant swimming lessons, in a one-on-one […]

An important additional benefit of survival swim is one that many parents are not aware of when considering baby swim classes: early swim can make your infant smarter and more capable outside of the pool. The results of the Griffith Institute Early Years Swimming study are encouraging for any parents […]

A swimming baby is a safer baby, this is the mantra we work by at Texas Swim Academy. It’s not just common sense, or a marketing line – some very important numbers back up this statement. The most important recent swim safety study is from the National Institute of Child […]

Parents often struggle with knowing when to start baby swim classes, not just the”Mommy & Me” kind but actual instruction designed to teach infants and toddlers how to swim and be safe in and around the water. How early is too early? We do not off “Mommy & Me” classes, […]

Our survival swim program can help your children learn to swim in just a matter of weeks! With two children under the age of four, Albert Lynes of Katy knew how important it was to get his daughters enrolled in a learn-to-swim program at an early age. After visiting Texas […]

We spend a lot of time here at Texas Swim Academy spreading the word about the benefits of early swim lessons, and it’s because those benefits are so numerous and profound: accelerated physical and cognitive development, improved social skills, infant-parent bonding, and more. But the most important reason, the number […]

Texas Swim Academy offers a variety of quality Houston swimming programs for children of all ages. After enrolling her three children in a number of different swim programs around the Katy area, Rachael brought her youngest daughter, two-year-old Lily, to Texas Swim Academy for the survival swim program. In just a […]

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