Survival Swim Instructor

Gabriela Mills


Safe Swim School

5307 Vance Jackson Rd.

(726) 336-7036


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Gabriela Mills

My name is Gabriela Mills. I am the owner and operator of Safe Swim School. I hold certifications
with Survival Swim Development Network, Adult & Pediatric CPR/First Aid/AED and complete
background check.

My experience in the water started at a very young age swimming constantly with my family in the
ocean that translated to wonderful experiences swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. When my
two children were toddlers, I felt the need to keep them safe around the pools, bayous and lakes
around our house. We enrolled them in the Infant survival program and they learned to be safe, to
respect and have fun in the water. My daughter’s passion for swimming has surpassed our
expectations and now she is a college swimmer.

I have worked as a survival swim instructor since 2015 and I see in every student an opportunity to
save a life. My goal is to see every student master water safety and enjoy the beauty of swimming
by teaching them in a gentle, child development-based manner. I want to give parents the tools to
take control of their child’s water safety and provide my students with confidence to swim and
respect the water for the rest of their life.

When the parents of my swimmers tell me that their child has fallen into the water and saved his/her
own life by floating or swimming to the edge that is a success story in my books. I look forward to
working with you and your family to initiate a positive relationship between your swimmer and the