Survival Swim Instructor

Jennifer O’Brian


Water Babies Survival Swim

18627 Magnolia Dell Drive, Cypress, TX, 77433



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Jennifer O’Brian

We all have days that will stick with us forever. For some of us it’s our wedding day, or the day our child(ren) were born. For me, it was a hot summer day when one of my babies almost lost her life in a friend’s pool…. my world was turned upside down and I questioned every choice we made prior to that moment. No one was drinking and several people were nearby. Luckily, that day did not claim my daughter’s life – but it did rob a certain piece of me I will never get back.

My name is Jennifer O’Brian. My goal is to give parents the chance to actively take control of their child’s safety. Having the confidence that if something should happen, your child will be able to get themselves out of danger is paramount. I never want you to feel the way we did that day and this is my way to do that for your family.