Survival Swim Instructor

Amy Borden


Survival Swim Corpus Christi

8530 King Ranch Dr., 78414

(361) 815-5016


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Amy Borden

Amy Borden is the founder and owner of Survival Swim Corpus Christi.  She completed her SSDN training in 2014 at Texas Swim Academy with Kathleen McMordie.  She is married to Phillip Borden and has two sweet and rambunctious kids that love swimming.  She has always had a love of swimming and water activities and when her first child was born she knew it was important for him to have survival swim skills since they lived on a canal and several family members have swimming pools.  When the only local survival swim instructor moved to another city Amy knew it was important to our community to have these amazing lessons available and made the decision to become certified.  She has equipped many young children in the Corpus Christi and surrounding area.  Both of her children and several students have benefitted from knowing survival swim when they had to use their skills in water accidents; this has fueled her passion to teach as many children as possible.

Survival Swim Development Network is crucial not only for equipping instructors with top notch training and extensive continuing education but also for educating the community about the gentler approach to survival swimming and why it is important for all children.  SSDN provides a community of instructors all with a passion to learn from each other and better the group as a whole.