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Cindy Clark


AquaTykes Swim School

407 Central Expy S, Allen, TX, 75013

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Cindy Clark

2020 is my 17th year as an Survival Swim Development Network Instructor. I became an instructor after putting my then 13 month old son through the program. I was so impressed with his survival skills that I decided to learn more about the program so I could teach other children these techniques. I am now a Principal Lead Instructor so that I can help other instructors learn this valuable technique so that more families become safer around the water.

Prior to teaching swimming, I worked as a chemical engineer and an information technology project manager. I have two children, Meghan and Jason. When Jason was born my family and I moved to Frisco, where I started to look into other opportunities besides working in Corporate America.

As a parent and instructor, I urge you to choose a program that will teach your child how to handle himself in the water before he is encouraged to play in it. The water is not a fun, safe place to play for a child who cannot swim. Your child deserves all the protection you can give. I would love to help you give your child a gift that will last a lifetime!

AquaTykes Swim School

AquaTykes offers proven survival skills training to enable your child to swim, float and swim in the event that he/she may fall in the water. Through our hands on, one on one approach, your child is guided through a program that is personalized to his/her age appropriate level. Few programs are willing to teach children under the age of three; typically if they do it’s just water acclimation. AquaTykes offers swim instruction to children 6 months and up.

Hear What Our Parents Have to Say

Jason Cockes

Ms. Cindy is an awesome swim instructor. Her program not only teaches kids how to swim but they learn how to rescue themselves if they fell in the water.

Patrick Diamonon

Ms. Cindy is an amazing swim instructor. I would highly recommend her to all my friends.