Survival Swim Instructor

Lynn Juarez


Baby Otter Swim Academy

248 Admiral Road Knoxville, TN 37934



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Lynn Juarez

Lynn grew up in California, learned to swim at an early age and was always around swimming pools, lakes and the ocean.  When contemplating a move to Tennessee there was a relief to find both indoor and outdoor pools allowing the family to continue there love of swimming.

She (and her daughters) soon began teaching swim lessons for a pre-established swim program offering lessons to ages four years and up.  Having degrees in Early Childhood Education and running a preschool for 18 years, it was natural for her to advocate that swim lessons be offered to children who were two and three year olds.

She has taught children with special needs as well as adults into their 80’s and is grateful for the opportunity to teach Survival Swim Lessons in the areas around Knoxville, TN.