Survival Swim Instructor

Katrina McEnany


The Splash Co. Survival Swim

1604 W Grand Ave

(580) 749-7667


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Katrina McEnany

Hello, my name is Katrina McEnany, but my friends and family know me as “Kit”.
My husband and I have 2 young children. Our family enjoys outdoor activities like camping, riding side-by-sides and spending time at the lake. I became very passionate about survival swim lessons for my children because they did not have experience in the water without life jackets.
Through this survival swim program, both of our children have succeeded in learning life saving skills. It has been incredible to watch their survival swim lessons and I was shocked to see the skills that they were learning at such young ages! As parents, we have gained peace of mind in knowing that our children have the knowledge and skills needed for safety in the water.
After seeing how important the lessons were to our family, I knew that I would enjoy becoming an instructor and having the opportunity to teach it to others.
I have always had a passion for teaching and working with children; and this career allows me to do both! My background in healthcare has helped round me into a caring, compassionate and nurturing person. This program allows me to utilize all of these skills and positively impact so many lives.
After over one hundred hours of intensive training through the Survival Swim Development Network’s certification program, I am well equipped and look forward to working with each of your children to teach them life saving skills in the water.