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Brittany Rector


The Splash Co. Survival Swim

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Brittany Rector

Throughout my career, I have always longed to do something with my time that truly mattered.  For me, that meant finding a way to positively impact other people’s lives.  The opportunity to become a survival swim instructor presented itself through some very dear friends of ours and it didn’t take much convincing for me to decide that this was the path for me.  My husband and I have a daughter and we have always wanted to enroll her in survival swim lessons, as we love spending time with our family and friends poolside or at the lake.  We understand how important it is for her to be well equipped with safe swimming skills.  Unfortunately, we could not find an instructor or swim school within a reasonable distance from where we live.  I think many parents in our rural area feel the same way.  With that being said, it makes me so happy to be able to provide this much needed service to families in our community.