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Megan Bachman


Oklahoma Swim Academy

15001 Gambels Trail Dr, Oklahoma City, OK, 73134



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Megan Bachman

After teaching swim lessons and lifeguarding in the summers for many years, in 2009 Megan Bachman had her first encounter with an infant swim lesson.  A proactive parent had requested swim lessons for her baby and Megan soon realized she would need more training to be equipped for successful survival swim lessons.  After much prayer and research, Megan journeyed to Utah for an intensive training program of over a hundred hours through the Infant Aquatics certification program. Out of her love for babies and swimming, Oklahoma Swim Academy was born.

“My life is truly blessed by being able to do something I love every day! Babies and young children are transformed from being totally helpless in the water into confident, capable swimmers. It’s impressive to see what the youngest of swimmers are able to accomplish. One of my favorite things is having the opportunity to watch a child’s self-esteem and independence grow while bringing relief and confidence to the parents. It’s amazing!”

Oklahoma Swim Academy

We are a swim school dedicated to teaching all ages a love for safe swimming.

Our passion is to build confidence and skill in each of our students!

We teach water survival skills, swim-float-swim, advanced strokes, and encourage a love of swimming.

Oklahoma Swim Academy is local and family owned, dedicated to teaching all ages a love for safe swimming!  Our instructors build relationships with our students that create an atmosphere of trust to promote learning.  We specialize in one-on-one, private swim lessons that balance pushing each student toward their goals while having fun.  We recognize every developmental stage is different and tailor our goals individually; from survival swimming to stroke development, we build safe swimmers!

Our team recognizes the significance of instilling confidence in every swimmer along with skill-building.  A hesitant baby who is given survival skills, but made more fearful of water was not helped in our eyes.  A head strong toddler that runs to water only being shown how to splash and play, but given no water safety skills is even worse.  No student is a number; from personality, to past experiences, to what motivates them, every swimmer is unique and we use every child’s story as a platform for their success!


Hear What Our Parents Have to Say

Jolie Williams

Both of my kiddos love it. My 6 year old LOVES swimming and this has been such a great fit for him to learn all the strokes. My 2 year old is reluctant to new things, but LeAnne has been so patient and even tempered with him. Such a great place for the both boys!!!

Stacy Bart

We just finished our second lesson with Megan. My daughter was terrified to go underwater but she had her going under and smiling about it the first lesson! As we left today, my daughter said, I miss Miss Megan. I wish I could give her 10 stars! Thank you!!!

Ashley White

Absolutely the best in OKC/metro area. I highly recommend for any age child. All the instructors are wonderful and patient with each child.


“Oklahoma Swim Academy’s program has been a fabulous tool for teaching our 3-year-old what to do in the water. The one-on-one lessons and personal attention makes the price worth it. And knowing that our daughter is learning from somebody who has so much training and genuine concern for kids gives my husband and me a peace of mind!” M.C.


After 2+ years of swimming lessons for my oldest daughter (4 ½ years) and no real progress, I was at my wits end.  It seemed like we were regressing rather than moving forward.  Then I found the Oklahoma Swim Academy program and decided to take a chance.  In just 4 lessons, she was floating and beginning to work the swim-float-swim process.  I was AMAZED!  She looks forward to her lessons and now can swim-float-swim across the pool.  She is so proud of her accomplishment—and so am I!  My youngest daughter (then 1 ½ years) began her lessons, and just like my oldest, was floating independently in a matter of lessons.  She actually enjoys being tipped off of the lily pad and going under the water just so that she can come right back up and roll onto her back!  Now she is working on her swim-float-swim technique (and doing well)—at 2 years old!  I feel so much better knowing that both of my girls have learned water-survival techniques and would recommend Oklahoma Swim Academy to any parent wanting the same for their child