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Jessica Loftus


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Jessica Loftus

Hello! My name is Jess Loftus and I live in O’Fallon Illinois with my husband, Joey, and our two sons, Leo and Wells. Things I love include Jesus, watercolor painting, being outside, and cozy movie nights! I am an occupational therapist, and over the past several years I have gained experience working with patients of all ages and abilities from birth to end of life. Prior to OT, I worked as a lifeguard and headguard for 6 years at our local aquatic park. I was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) in April 2022 and have learned a lot about what my body can tolerate and what makes me feel good. Being in the water is what feels the BEST for my joints and after a lot of prayer and a confident leap of faith I am passionately diving into a career as certified survival swim instructor through the Survival Swim Development Network! I have a passion for helping people and I feel very strongly about being able to give parents peace of mind and children the skills and confidence they need to swim, float, and survive!