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Ali Sisca


Swimfinity Survival Swim School

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Ali Sisca

Ali is excited to bring this amazing program to our area. As a mom of four small children, she knows first hand the importance of water safety skills for kids. After enrolling her first child in survival swimming lessons at age two, she knew right away that this was something she wanted to bring to others. Five years later with three more children completing the program, the next step was to become a certified instructor. She is grateful to have found Infant Aquatics and is committed to reducing the likelihood of aquatic tragedies in her community.

Parents take many precautions to keep their children safe. We spend countless dollars on car seats, baby gates, cabinet locks, baby monitors and more. However, drowning is the number one cause of preventable death for children under 5. Water survival lessons are often overlooked. Babies and children who are able to sit and roll over on their own are able to learn to float, starting from 6 months of age. There are water dangers all around. Beaches, ponds, lakes, friend’s pools and even bathtubs are all hazards.

Ali has 2 close friends that each had a near death experience with their children. In one instance, a parent was home but the child got out of the house and through the safety gate. The eleven year old sister was the only witness. Thank god she didn’t panic and knew what to do. She swam to the bottom of the pool, dragged her little brother out and performed CPR (which she had seen on TV). He lived. The second incident was when two friends were at a pool party with their two children. The parents looked away for an instant and without a sound (drowning children do not splash or make noise) their four-year old son was at the bottom of the pool. Thankfully someone noticed and he was pulled out to safety quickly. However, there have been too many children that weren’t as lucky. One child is too many when drowning is preventable. Some parents may feel apprehensive to enroll their children in these lessons, some don’t have the time and some simply don’t know about them. However, at Swimfinity we believe every single child should be provided lifesaving skills while developing a love for swimming. Ask yourself, how would your child react if they were faced with an aquatic emergency?

Swimfinity Survival Swim School

Swimfinity is dedicated to teaching children water safety techniques while promoting a lifelong love of swimming. Our goal is to empower children with life-saving skills while boosting self-esteem. Children love mastering a new skill and take great pride in their achievements. Your child’s success will boost their self-confidence and make them eager to take on further challenges. A good preparation for the rigors of adult life. We specialize in the proven methods of Infant Aquatics that have been developed over four decades to ensure that every student can master aquatic skills in weeks, not years… It would be our pleasure to give your child the gift of water survival while promoting a lifetime of aquatic fun.

What Makes Swimfinity Different?
Many swim schools and learn to swim teachers only teach water familiarization to children under 4. However, children as young as 6 months can learn roll over breathing techniques that can save their lives. Children that are walking can learn to swim float swim to safety or will remain floating until help arrives. Children can learn these skills in just 3-6 weeks! We will give each student one on one attention and use the proven methods of Infant Aquatics to teach children to roll over, to float, relax and breathe, whenever air is needed. Only then can they can truly swim, stay afloat, conquer fear and experience the joy of swimming. No other swimming program has had or will have as safe approach as this, nor as efficient or as effective as the results our program provides. The following reasons are usually why parents do choose Swimfinity:

1. You want your child to learn to swim and float in weeks, not years.
2. You or your extended family live or vacation around pools or natural bodies of water.
3. You enjoy swimming and want your child to enjoy it as well.
4. You would rather take control of your child’s safety than take chances.

Know The Ultimate Goal
Children are naturally drawn to pools, hot tubs, lakes, ponds, streams, reservoirs and beaches. Despite a parent’s best efforts at supervision, it only takes one head turn before an accident has occurred. Let us help you teach your child to rescue him/herself in an aquatic emergency… with an affinity for the water, he or she will learn to swim, and even learn to love the water as much as we do.

Hear What Our Parents Have to Say

Kathy Sadler

We always make it a practice to close the pool cover immediately after we are finished swimming to protect our small twins. But one day last summer, when the twins were just 2 years old, I failed to close the cover and instead began working in the garden. A few minutes later, I heard one of the twins crying wildly. I looked over to see that he had fallen in the pool but had pulled himself out. Before having lessons in (your) program he would not have known what to do, and I could not have helped him because I never even heard him fall in…there was not even a splash. Because of the lessons, he knew to right himself in the water, open his eyes to find the side of the pool, swim to it and pull himself out. It scared us both to death, but I was thrilled that he had developed the skills to save himself in an emergency.

Hilary Cohlan Hughes

My 2.5 year old learned how to swim with Ali and has continued to swim all summer after lessons, others have been very impressed with seeing the skills he learned when they see him swim in the pool. It has been a much more enjoyable summer because of these lessons, thanks Ali!

Caroline Moore

In 5 weeks our 2.5 year old James learned far more critical skills than he has in 10 months of weekly lessons at a formal swim school. Worth every penny!