The Survival Swim Development Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children the survival swimming skills necessary to safely enjoy the water. Your child is only as safe around water as their skills allow them to be, and we believe every child should learn and know these life-saving swimming skills at a young age in order to become confident, capable swimmers.

Early swim lessons set a positive foundation toward a lifetime of aquatic participation. While the main goal of our swim float survive program is water safety, children also foster a love for swimming, develop lifelong critical thinking skills and stimulate cross motor skills. Many studies have proven that teaching children to swim at a young age increases cognitive thinking, improves balance, coordination and memory capacity, enhances neurological development, and strengthens social confidence.

Our Swim Float Survive℠ programs have also proven beneficial to children with special needs. We’re dedicated to teaching life-saving swimming skills to children of all abilities to help them embrace their natural affinity with water in a safe and beneficial way. Not only is this a great therapy for children due to the nature of the methodology, it also serves as a means in which can help increase such things as speech, as well.

Our team of highly-skilled and trained professionals work together with a common goal – saving lives. We look forward to your child joined the Swim Float Survive family and discovering the joy of swimming.

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