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Lindsey McClain

My name is Lindsey McClain, owner of Swim Safe Texas, operating out of Montgomery and surrounding areas. As a native Texan, the water has always been a large part of my life. The entirety of my childhood summers were spent trying to beat the three digit temps near the ocean, lake, river, and at the local pool. I am more than thrilled to teach children how to survive in an aquatic environment. In the process, children (as well as their parents) are able to calm their fears and enjoy the water.

My husband and I are proud parents to three rough and rowdy boys. Sometime during our early parenthood, we developed a terrifying anxiety any time our boys were near water. This overwhelming fear began to steal our joy from fun vacations at the beach, lake, river, and even to a friend or family member’s backyard pool. When our youngest turned a year old my husband’s parents bought a lake house which meant our time around the water would drastically increase. Our older two could swim, but our youngest was still too young for traditional swim lessons.

With our anxiety on the rise, we were at a loss of what to do. One morning, while researching swim lessons for babies, I stumbled upon some videos of children his age showing off their swim~float~swim skills. With tears in my eyes, I was absolutely amazed. I just knew this would be the solution for our family. To prepare our baby how to survive in case he were to fall in the water. However, the lessons I found for our baby were expensive. A substantial amount more than traditional swim lessons. After many discussions, my husband and I came to an agreement to give a local swim school a chance before committing to survival swim lessons. I enrolled our son for a week trial.

My baby enjoyed the lessons. After all, Mommy was in the water with him, we sang songs, played with toys, dipped his face in the water a few times, and got to climb out of the water onto the side of the pool. But I knew these lessons would not be enough. When the week of lessons was complete, my husband and I had another conversation. I explained to him that I felt as if I was showing our child how to have fun in and be “comfortable” in the water, but how would that help him to save his own life? If I am making water a fun activity, would these fun memories with Mommy attract him to the water when Mommy and Daddy weren’t there? How many years of these mommy and me type and eventually traditional type swim lessons would we have to do before he would actually be able to swim?

My husband and I agreed it was time to enroll in survival swim lessons. It was an investment in our baby. The lessons were as expected, a huge commitment. Not only financially, but we had two other children under the age of 5 to tote around as well. The lessons were also about 30 minutes away from home and I would have to make the hour round trip drive 5 days a week, for anywhere from 4-6 weeks. For a ten minute lesson!

After we completed the 6 week session, we were utterly astonished and couldn’t wait to show off our baby’s newly acquired skills. He cried at times, but we were prepared for this. We knew we made the right decision for our child. Although our fears were drastically decreased and we were able to enjoy the water, we remained cautious (and still do). My husband and I still look back at our conversations about cost and commitment. We now know that those concerns are irrelevant when your baby’s life is at stake. The lessons were invaluable.

My passion for drowning prevention was ignited through the process of calming my husband and I’s fears for our own children. While watching our swim instructor work her ‘magic’ on my child as well as other children both younger and older than him, I felt an immense tug on my heart in that direction. In 2015 just before my youngest started Kindergarten, I was finally able to put my dreams into motion and become a certified Survival Swim Instructor. My training was extensive yet rewarding. It consisted of working with children from 6 months up to 8 years of age. It included not only Survival Swim, but Adaptive Aquatics for children on the Autism Spectrum, and Stroke Development as well. Through Survival Swim, I am able to conduct my lessons in an enjoyable, calming, and nurturing way. Each and every one of my lessons are tailored to fit your child’s needs. It is my utmost desire to teach your child the life-saving skills essential to becoming a confident and capable swimmer. While doing so, fears are calmed and a love of the water is established.

It’s not a matter of IF your child will fall in the water, its a matter of WHEN. Prepare your children. Give them the tools to do what they need to do in order to survive. Invest in your children. Invest in your family.