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Samantha Barth


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Samantha Barth

Thank you for checking out Little Sharks Swim Academy!

My name is Samantha Barth and I consider it a privilege to be able to teach your child the skills necessary to save themselves while also growing in them a love and respect for water.

As a mother of three young boys, I understand the importance of doing everything I can to help keep them safe while allowing them to live a life full of fun experiences.

Swimming is one of those experiences that brings plenty of joy but needs the appropriate skills and respect to ensure maximum safety.

Due to my education in Psychology and my in-depth Instructor Training, I understand early childhood development and stages so I can provide individualized swimming lessons that best suit your child.

I’m excited to tell you that we guarantee that your child will learn to float and swim in one 6 week session or I will continue to teach them at no extra cost to you!

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Little Sharks Swim Academy


Accidents don’t happen because of a LACK of supervision but because of a LAPSE in supervision. In only takes a second for death or life-altering brain damage to occur because of the water.

Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death of children less than four years old.

PLEASE take the time to consider preparing your children for their safety AND to foster a life-long love and respect of water.

What makes us different?

The lessons we offer are private, one-on-one trainings with your child.

Every part of our program is designed to make your child proficient in the water.​ In fact, we are so confident that your child will learn these skill that we GUARANTEE that your child will learn the survival technique appropriate to their age.

The lessons are conducted four days a week Monday through Thursday at the time that you select so it can best fit into your schedule.

They are ten minutes long and allow for your child to have the consistency and stability they need in order to fully learn these life saving skills. They are short enough to protect your child from fatigue, but long enough for your child to retain the skills so they can be built upon in the consecutive lessons.

Lessons are personalized to your child so that these survival techniques become learned behaviors that transform their instincts in the water.

Hear What Our Parents Have to Say

Cecille Covington

This program is beyond wonderful! The instructor, Samantha, is highly trained and very patient with her students. She is one of the sweetest people you will meet and the children absolutely love her. Because of her expertise, my 14 month old daughter knows how to swim and float without assistance. I would HIGHLY recommend her program to anyone that has children.

Monica Perez

Excellent experience! I’m so glad we enrolled our kids in Little Sharks Academy this summer. I have a 3 and 7 year old kids and both were very afraid of submerging their heads into the water, but after the first week of class they had lost that fear and started enjoying the time in the pool. Now we all can have a good time in the pool and play happily without the stress that we used to feel before.

Thank you Ms. Samantha!

Miriam Dougherty

I absolutely recommend this swimming academy! The teacher, Samantha, is highly trained, professional, very patient, has such a way to connect with kid, and more importantly, she will teach your children everything they need to know and won’t give up until they complete the entire lessons to her high standards, making sure that your children can really survive by her / his own in case of and unfortunate situation. The results at the end are totally impressive. The pool is always very clean and private, and she will answer any questions directly and has great communication should the need to reschedule, etc. arise.