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Melissa Rhodes


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Melissa Rhodes

Hello, my name is Melissa Rhodes and I am the founder of Swim Circle, a travel swim lessons business.  I have grown up loving, respecting and sometimes fearing water. Originally from San Diego, I learned how to surf, was on my high school swim and dive team, competitively swan and played water polo in college and made my best swim times with U.S. Masters Swimming.

As a mother, I passed my love for the water onto my wonderfully excitable and independent children, Reed & Riley.  I found survival swim lessons when Reed was 4 and Riley 2. Their first 6 weeks of lessons taught them that they had to work hard and respect the water.  They were and still are fearless and love, love, love water. Knowing survival lessons are only one of many
layers of water safety, I was a calmer, vigilant, water supervising parent versus mildly panicked until we were far away from the water.

I returned to recreational swimming and was hired to work with a year-round swim team as one of the developmental swim coaches.  I worked with ages 4-10 and loved teaching in the water. My love for swim, for kids and for water safety lead me to take the plunge into becoming a certified survival swim instructor.  I will be offering survival and stroke development lessons in
the comfort of people’s personal pools. I strive to provide the best swim instruction by keeping my certifications and skills current and relevant.  Now let’s go swimming…and floating!