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At the Lake

In the still of the night at the end of the dock, a group of children gathered on a boat floating in dark water, to listen to ghost stories. My 4 year old son, A.J., wanted to join them. He approached the boat, not wearing a life jacket as were the other children who were already in the boat. A.J. stepped from the dock to join the other children, but missed the step and fell unnoticed into the dark water. He went down down down, eventually touching his toes on the bottom. All he could think of to do was make the “airplane arms” he had learned during his swimming lessons. By the time he surfaced he was too tired to swim, so he just “rested on the water” until his cries for help were heard by his cousin. His cousin successfully pushed A.J. toward the dock until he could reach a handhold and pull himself out.

When I learned what had happened at the lake, all I could feel was relief that A.J. possessed the skills necessary to survive in the water. Thank you for giving A.J. this gift of life.

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