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I just wanted to thank you for teaching Garrison infant survival skills.

On Sunday, I was inside making lunch for the family while Addie and Garrison were outside in the backyard playing with Justin. Justin noticed Garrison wasn’t within eyesight and rushed to the pool. He found him, calm and floating on his back, just like he was taught. We rushed to the emergency room, and other than being a little cold (the pool temp was 50 degrees), he was fine. He had no fluid in his lungs or belly and his oxygen levels were near perfect. The doctors were amazed and said he more than likely did exactly what he was taught- held his breath and got to his back. After a few hours we were cleared to go home.

Thank you for teaching both Adalyn and Garrison these life saving skills. I know had he not had his lessons this past summer, the outcome could have been very different.

We would love to continue our lessons starting in May or June, first thing in the morning again. Just let me know your availability.

Thank you again!

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