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ABC Swim School in Naples The little boy was about 18 months old at the time. This happened less than a month after he completed his training.

I wanted to send you a note of thanks, and tell you that your lessons may have saved little Blaise sooner than I would ever have imagined. Last night we were entertaining some friends after dinner, and we were all standing out on the patio near the pool. There were a bunch of bigger kids jumping in and out, and the little ones including Blaise were just toddling around near the pool. I had no intention of taking Blaise into the pool: it was close to his bedtime and he was actually still in his diaper and clothes. He was just watching the fun, and I was watching him. Or so I thought. Somehow he slipped in and I didn’t notice. I’m not sure how or when, because although I was standing just a couple of feet from the pool, and I THOUGHT I was watching him carefully, I clearly took my eyes off of him and didn’t look back soon enough. It was just like every horrible news story I’ve ever read about this: I was right there, but he went in and I had no idea.

At some point it occurred to me that I hadn’t looked at him for a few minutes. I have no idea why it suddenly occurred to me, but it wasn’t his voice because he didn’t make any sound, or at least none that I could hear over the noise of the other kids playing. But anyway I turned and looked for him but couldn’t find him by the edge. My heart sank. In a split second I put it together, that I had taken my eyes off him, that his survival skills still needed practice, that it’s not a fail safe. And then I spotted him, and there he was, like a dream, arms out straight, balanced, chest up high, floating on his back in the middle of the pool–perfectly fine. Annoyed, sputtering a bit, but totally fine.

I honestly do not know how long it had been … 1 minute or 3? I never saw him go in, I didn’t see him struggle to get to the surface. I don’t know what it looked like or how he managed it. I was standing right there, but took my eyes off him long enough for him to go in and under. I guess you can imagine how ridiculously and overwhelmingly happy I am that he had your lessons. And how grateful I am that little Blaise pulled it off … going from dry to wet, full diaper and clothes, righting himself, floating, and staying calm in the midst of a bunch of oblivious kids in the pool, waiting for me to find him.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for making these lessons available to us so close to home, and for teaching my baby (who cried the whole seven weeks!) how to keep calm, find the surface, float on his back, and wait for me.


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