Swim Float Survive

Swim Float Survive

Our Swim Float Survive℠ program is a unique style of swimming lessons offered to children 6 months – 6 years in an effort to teach them the skills necessary to be safe in and around water.

What is Survival Swimming?
For an infant, survival swimming is a baby’s ability to float and breathe regardless of the water’s depth, for an indefinite period of time.

For a toddler or young child, survival swimming is the child’s ability to kick and propel through the water – roll on to his/her back to breathe – turn and swim repeatedly to the wall, steps or egress, and get out of the pool.

What to Expect During Lessons
The most essential survival swimming skill we will teach your child is to roll from a face-down position in the water to a face-up independent back float. If your child falls face down into the water, knowing how to roll onto a face-up back float can save their life.

During our lessons, your child will gently be introduced to the water by the instructor. The instructor will work with your child to guide him/her through the lesson process and build a level of trust and comfort in the water.

Once this is established, infants who are not walking will begin to learn how to roll-back-to-float. Children who are walking will begin the process of learning to swim-float-swim. They first learn to hold their breath underwater and propel for a short distance on their tummies by kicking their feet. Next, they learn to roll over and float on their backs to breathe, then flip back onto their tummies and swim again.

Lifelong Results
Swim Float Survive℠ is amazing to watch – infants and children are transformed from being totally helpless in the water into confident, capable swimmers in weeks, not years. The added benefit of increased self-esteem and independence in children while bringing relief and confidence to parents, not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them, brings Swim Float Survive℠ great satisfaction. Teaching children to save their lives in the water is our number one priority.

Swim Float Survive℠ lessons are the best way to teach your baby or toddler to rescue himself in an aquatic emergency.

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