Meet the Master Instructors

Kathleen McMordie, RN

Texas Swim Academy: 3514 Greenbusch, Katy, TX 77494

Phone: (832) 437-6186 Email: Web:

As a critical care nurse in Texas, l was the intensive care giver to a child that had drown. He had been declared brain dead and I worked with the family as they made decisions for his final days. This was a pivotal moment for me. As a mother of preschool children, I was now scared for their aquatic safety. I quickly sought out a survival swim specialist and enrolled my kids in lessons.

I was amazed at their proficiency in the water. After my youngest child was born, I was introduced to Beverly Steinfink R.N., a founding member of Swim Float Survive℠ program. I was impressed with the child development based curriculum and loved the results that my own children experienced. In 2004, I made the decision to join the Swim Float Survive team.

I started my program out of my home pool. The program grew rapidly and with in 5 years had began to outgrown my backyard pool. In 2011, my husband and I opened the Texas Swim Academy in Katy, Texas. It is a 6 pool, indoor facility. We train over 2500 children each year in swimming and aquatic safety and employee over 30 people in our community. In 2013, I trained and became a Master Instructor with the Survival Swim Development Network. I have trained over 20 instructors in the lifesaving method. At Texas Swim Academy, I offer intensive in-water training as well as academic information to enable instructors to teach the Swim Float Survive℠ program. Additionally, I offer the Texas Swim Academy stroke development curriculum, Adaptive Aquatics for children with special abilities, training for groups and other specialty programs.

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Cindy Clark

AquaTykes Swim School: 2 locations in Allen and McKinney, TX

Phone: (972) 379-8902 Email: Web:

In 1989,  I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. While I enjoyed my career, I knew I had not found my true passion. In 2003, with an infant son and a pool in our backyard, I began to research swim programs. I was intrigued by the Swim Float Survive℠ method and enrolled my then 13 month old in the program. I was amazed by the proficiency of his skills in such a short time.

In 2004, I trained to become a survival swim instructor and started teaching in my backyard pool. My business grew and flourished so incredibly I have since added two indoor locations. 2009 held a pivotal career move for me, when I was approached to train as a Master Instructor. Since then I  have trained 11 instructors from all parts of the U.S. and abroad. I never would have thought that my career would go in this direction, but I find teaching children how to swim, a valuable life skill, so rewarding and enjoyable. I know, based on parent testimonials, that I have saved lives and provided a more enjoyable pool experience for my families.

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Megan Bachman

Oklahoma Swim Academy: 15001 Gambels Trail Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Phone: (405) 509-5415 Email: Web:

Having been a lifelong swimmer and lifeguard I have always enjoyed the water. My passion for kids and drowning prevention lead me to teach basic swimming and stroke development since early 2003. Those combined passions compelled me to expand my teaching skills to the youngest of infants. After much prayer and research, I decided to journey to Utah in the summer of 2010 to complete my training to become a Certified Swim Float Survive Instructor. From that time, our swim school has grown to a team of 19 by 2018 and continues to grow.

My mom was my second employee and is still a swim teacher for us today.  My husband Brian was a business major in college and was always contributing to the business, but after coaching and teaching for years he joined the business full time in 2013 and is now our CEO and runs all dry side operations.

The way I think about kids comes from the way I was raised and having a mom that was incredibly in tune with 4 crazy kids. I also majored in early childhood education and family studies at Oklahoma Christian University. I have a deep love for people and especially kids.

Teaching survival swim lessons has been one of my greatest joys in life because I get to be a part of something bigger than myself. On a daily basis we get to see a child become more confident in themselves and their abilities, while a parent sits poolside showing sighs of relief seeing their own child prove they have the skills to survive if they were to fall in the water.  Being in 1 on 1 lessons allows us to stay in tune with our kids and find those teachable moments to help them be brave enough to conquer a fear or gain an essential piece of the survival skill puzzle. I am still impressed that kids can learn to swim before they are potty trained; the swim-float-swim method is truly amazing!

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Nadyne Siegel-Brown

Swim Kids of Georgia: 1505 Redi Road #800, Cumming, Georgia, 30040

Phone: (700) 330-6164 Email: Web:

As a Central Florida native, I knew the life long joy associated with water sports.  When my son was 18 months old, I was thrilled that he loved the water and I knew it was time to teach him to swim. My niece and nephew had been very successful in a survival swim program. So I decided to enroll Jacob. I was apprehensive but amazed that my child could become so proficient at such a young age. In 1987, I trained to become a survival swim specialist.

In 1998, I brought the program to Atlanta, Georgia. The demand for survival swimming lessons grew each year. In 2001, I became a founding member and Master Instructor for Swim Float Survive. My passion for saving children from drowning increased and so did my business. It became essential to open my own facility to meet the demand for my survival and learn to swim programs. We now teach school age children and adults as well as infants and toddlers

Over the past 28 years, I have taught thousands of children not just to swim but to save their lives in the case of an aquatic accident. Since moving to Atlanta,  I have incorporated an intensive in water training program for both instructor trainees and our students consisting of behavioral techniques, reinforced with, love, kindness and a solid direction and a logical approach to teaching all ages the life saving skills of swimming.

I have taught 35+ instructors to teach these amazing skills as well as co authored the Survival Swim Development Network’s training manual. As a Master Swim Float Survive℠ instructor and a mother that has lost a child, my mission as well as passion is teaching children how to save themselves from drowning as well as saving other parents the heartache of losing a child needlessly.

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