Maintenance Lessons

Maintenance Lessons

We believe the swim float swim sequence serves as the foundation for learning correct stroke technique, so once children can swim and float they are able to transition easily into breathing techniques, proper kicking, use of arms and stroke development.

At Swim Float Survive℠, we want to ensure your children maintain their swimming skills and confidence in the water, and our Maintenance Lessons provide the perfect opportunity to continue to grow and develop in more advanced skills that will continue to build their confidence in the water.

Our Maintenance Lessons are designed to:

  • Continue your child’s aquatic learning process using techniques that are an extension of the swimming and floating skills previously learned
  • Empower your child with more proficient swimming ability

We encourage our swimmers practice and utilize their swimming skills on a regular basis, and our Maintenance Lessons enhance previously learned skills, bring your child to the next swimming level and achieve our goal of safe, happy and technically sound swimmers.

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